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A photo of 609 S Beach Rd.

609 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10486765



7 Bedrooms

8.1 Bathrooms

11,765 Sq. Ft.


A photo of 511 S Beach Rd.

511 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10449100

Jupiter Island

Hobe Sound

13 Bedrooms

16.1 Bathrooms

13,967 Sq. Ft.


A photo of 430 S Beach Rd.

430 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10482386

Jupiter Island

Hobe Sound

7 Bedrooms

6.1 Bathrooms

6,135 Sq. Ft.


A photo of 211 S Beach Rd.

211 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10359868


Hobe Sound

8 Bedrooms

9.2 Bathrooms

9,228 Sq. Ft.


A photo of 25 S Beach Rd.

25 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10486869


Hobe Sound

6 Bedrooms

6.1 Bathrooms

6,056 Sq. Ft.


A photo of 477 S Beach Rd.

477 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10392867

Jupiter Island

Hobe Sound

4 Bedrooms

6.3 Bathrooms

9,103 Sq. Ft.


A photo of 512 S Beach Rd.

512 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10333673

Jupiter Island

Hobe Sound

4 Bedrooms

6.1 Bathrooms

4,878 Sq. Ft.


A photo of 127 S Beach Rd.

127 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10408507

Jupiter Island

Hobe Sound

6 Bedrooms

6.1 Bathrooms

7,570 Sq. Ft.


A photo of 23 N Beach Rd.

23 N Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10484147


Hobe Sound

10 Bedrooms

14.2 Bathrooms

14,316 Sq. Ft.


A photo of 510 S Beach Rd.

510 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10330775

Jupiter Island

Hobe Sound

Not Listed

Not Listed

Not Listed


A photo of 481 S Beach Rd.

481 S Beach Rd.

MLS# RX-10457265

Jupiter Island

Hobe Sound

Not Listed

Not Listed

Not Listed


A photo of 14 Bassett Creek Trail

14 Bassett Creek Trail

MLS# RX-10398749

Jupiter Island

Hobe Sound

5 Bedrooms

4.1 Bathrooms

3,647 Sq. Ft.


Jupiter Island, Florida is a town located in on the Treasure Coast of Martin County, located south of Port St. Lucie and north of Palm Beach County. The small island has a population of 817 people according to the 2010 census, and is home to some of the most affluent real estate in the country. Its residents enjoy a breezy beachside lifestyle complete with an active nightlife scene and the top boating events in the country. Worth magazine ranked it number one in the country in terms of highest median home sales. Coastal Living named Jupiter Island as one of the Top 10 Happiest Seaside Towns in the US.


A History of Exclusivity


Jupiter Island’s exclusivity is also reflected in its early founding history. In the 1920’s after property rights to Jupiter Island had changed hands many times, a group of friends decided to preserve the integrity of the location. While previous corporations hoped to build new seaports or a “second-Hollywood” – a film location meant to rival the iconic film location in California – this small group of friends wanted to preserve the natural beauty of the island.

They enjoyed the quaint island hotel, the breezy beachside lifestyle, and the natural integration into the Florida everglades ecosystem. They left the island largely undeveloped. Where other capitalists strove to build skyscrapers and high-density housing in places like Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay, the original owners of the island were content keeping the ecosystem intact. In fact, much of the island was given away to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Audubon Society, and the Nature Conservancy. As word slowly spread of the islands rustic yet intimate setting, new homeowners began to move in. The original owners then donated plots of land to build a fire-department and police station in order to keep the budding community safe. Interestingly, no postal office exists on Jupiter Island; the mail arrives by boat daily from the mainland in Hobe Sound.


Jupiter Island Luxury Real Estate


Jupiter Island luxury real estate development has been slow and steady, keeping the ecology of the island top of mind. Lush, green, and low-density, the area offers a great place to live, especially for snowbirds wishing to lounge under a beach umbrella, their toes in the sand, looking out over their piece of undisturbed property.


Homes for sale on Jupiter Island are exclusive and reflective of the income ranges of its residents. The median income for a household in the town of Jupiter Island is $199,167 while the per capita income for the town is $254,260. The median income for a family was above $250,000.


The island only occupies a land area of 3.6 square miles, a quarter of which is water. Currently, there are 429 residential properties on the island.


Jupiter Island luxury real estate has everything you’d want in a beautiful and exclusive community. This includes luxury amenities such as year-long beach weather, beach trails, turtle hatchling walks, kayaking and paddleboarding. In addition, families can also climb the trail up to the Jupiter Lighthouse for a spectacular seaside view.  Families wishing to stay in Jupiter Island (or snowbirds that want to come down for the winter) will enjoy the year-round paradise awaiting them on the Treasure Coast.



Craig A. Bretzlaff


Executive Director of Luxury Sales



Heather Purucker Bretzlaff


Executive Director of Luxury Sales



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